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     Born and raised in Harlem, Shakera Joseph is a recent graduate from Baruch College who always aspired to be an entrepreneur. GO Bearcats! Coming from a Caribbean background with a Guyanese mother and Haitian father, it was instilled that education was the key to success. She had dreams to always own her own business and help improve the well being of others. She even started a Help a Hand Foundation which was created to help victims who suffered from the Hurricane and other natural disasters. After the Earthquake that occurred in Haiti and she learned it destroy her grandfather’s book store, she knew it was time to get her voice out.

   RenMwen (REN-Mm-when) stands for I am Love in Creole. Renmen means ” love ” and Mwen means “I am”. Shakera combined these two meanings because she always had a big heart. She created this platform to encourage young moguls to mix their creative passions. Renmwen is a site to keep you updated on all music, entertainment, makeup, hair tips, travel destinations, food ideas, and health and wellness. Her mission was to create awareness and opportunities for our future leaders. Most importantly, it’s a great site to stay connected!

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