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01/17/2020by RenMwen0
“Fear is in my eyes you’ll see, Society got its eyes on me.” New Indie Artist: LB199X 1. Tell me about yourself? LB199x: “You think you know me well but you don’t know...

“Fear is in my eyes you’ll see, Society got its eyes on me.”

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New Indie Artist:


1. Tell me about yourself?

LB199x: “You think you know me well but you don’t know me like I know me when i’m by myself”. This lyric is important to me because this is how I feel. When i’m around friends, family groups of people they view me a certain way but they don’t see who I am when i’m by myself or when i’m in my comforts of my own.

2.  Rep your City/Town/Country/State, So tell me where you from?                                   

LB199x: I’m from Glenarden a dope city where alot of real people is from. Come to the DMV and ask about Glenarden !

3. How did you come up with your artist name and explain the meaning behind it?  

LB199x: The nameLB199X is a unique name. They called my pops Black so they called me Lil Black naturally so I took that and my brand 199x and put both of them together. 199x is a brand that represents all the 90s generation. I was born in 1992 so I grew up in the 90’s and seen how that era influenced me. So when you see LB199X know that my brand is not only for me but I speak for a whole generation. 

4.   How would you describe yourself in one word?

LB199x: Aberrant

5.   What made you become an Artist? What life-changing experience impact you?

LB199x: Music always been something I have been attracted since I was young both my parents listened to everything from Diana Ross to Snoop Dogg Doggystyle album so just know I grew up well versed. So I naturally had an interest in entertainment and I always was rhyming so I grew up writing raps and freestyling at football practice and family gatherings  went to highschool and started to gain interest in mixing. I got tired of paying off studio time with b******t engineers so I took my time and learned how to record myself still in High School. So I developed a hunger to always hear myself on new beats so I decided I want to say thank you and I really appreciate the love I get from ya’ll on every project keep believing in the music and the brand. In 12th grade I was going to f**k with music seriously and moved to Florida after I graduated and developed my sound.

6. How would you portray your music, like what’s your message?

LB199x: My music is a collective of thoughts and emotions from a soul that channels his higher self. My message is be True Be Love Be You and never let them kill your dreams.

7. Growing up, Who were your biggest Influences?

LB199x: I was a big Lost Boys fan growing up Busta rhymes Q-tip, biggie, 2pac, Bone Thugs, damn near the whole west cost 50 cent Cash money,

8. Are you working on any new project?

LB199x:  I always working, but yeah im working on an EP called Color Us. This project is something I feel the people will have a different introspect of who I am as an artist.

9. What’s your creative process like?

LB199x: I  usually sit in the studio listen to beats or a producer come in create a beat and I just record right there on the spot I don’t write before I come to the studio me and the homies make music daily so we just grew to create on spot and come up with vibes.

10. What’s one message you would give your fanbase?

LB199x:I want to say thank you and i really appreciate the love i get from yall on every project keep believing in the music the brand.

Press Play for more: You can learn more about LB199x and follow him on his social media handle @LB199x Photo Credit: LB199X

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