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10/25/2019by RenMwen0
“Nothing but facts but it’s far from the truth, I got to teach them a lesson. I think it’s time for school.” New Indie Artist: Groove God TY1. Tell me about...

“Nothing but facts but it’s far from the truth, I got to teach them a lesson. I think it’s time for school.”

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New Indie Artist:

Groove God TY

1. Tell me about yourself?

Groove God Ty: Honestly I don’t think I have a favorite lyric from myself. I write 100% of all my rhymes and take pride in them so it would be extremely hard for me to choose.

   Im a 25-year old kid still figuring out life believe it or not. Im flowing through life and just dealing with whatever god throws my way.

2.  Rep your City/Town/Country/State, So tell me where you from?                                   

Groove God Ty: Im from Harlem, New York. I moved to jersey a couple of years ago. its not much of a big difference. I just don’t know everybody like I would in Harlem.

3. How did you come up with your artist name and explain the meaning behind it?  

Groove God Ty: My artist name “groove god ty” comes from the group that I run with called the “groove gods” or “groove gods unite”. It’s just a bunch of groovy individuals, we all see eye to eye and understand the mission we’re all trying to accomplish.

4.   How would you describe yourself in one word?

Groove God Ty: Hmm.. myself in one word? Id say humble. A lot of people would expect me to be stuck up or something and Im really not. Im a cool, laid back, and humble guy.

5.   What made you become an Artist? What life-changing experience impact you?

Groove God Ty: Well I always had a fascination with music. ever since I was a little boy, but I knew I wanted to rap for sure when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I wrote raps in my notebooks constantly and would get in trouble for it. dreams turned into reality when my cousin built a studio in his room and then in his house. I started perfecting my craft from that moment on.

6. How would you portray your music, like what’s your message?

Groove God Ty:  I would say my music is real. everything I talk about I’ve been through, someone around me has been through or I’m going through it at the moment, or where I wanna be. the message I try to get across is just to live life and go through the motions but don’t ever give up on yourself because that’s disrespectful to the people who believe in you.

7. Growing up, Who were your biggest Influences?

Groove God Ty: Growing up my biggest influences were artists like jay-z, 50, and fab. along with my older cousin vs stylez. later down the line I started being influenced by guys like drake, and j. cole. but right now my biggest influences have to be my family. that’s who I do it for.

8. Are you working on any new project?

Groove God Ty: I’m actually not, I just released a project titled “dont panic” which is on all platforms (Apple, Spotify, Tidal etc.) and also have a project i released last year called “its just different”. right now I’m focusing on visuals for both projects.

9. What’s your creative process like?

Groove God Ty:  My creative process is really weird actually. I tend to write songs when Im in bed. I like to zone out, I dont like to have much distractions because it ruins whatever I got on my mind.

10. What’s one message you would give your fanbase?

Groove God Ty: I would just like to thank them for all their love and support throughout the years of me being an artist. watching me grow, and always pushing me to be the best version of me

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You can learn more about Groove God TY and follow him on his social media handle  @Groovegodty   Photo Credit: Groove God TY    

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