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09/27/2019by RenMwen0
“I’m dying in vain, Lying the same, smoking in chains.” New Indie Artist:  DARRELL HERBERT1.   What’s your favorite lyric from your song? Tell me about yourself? Darrell Herbert: My favorite lyric...
“I’m dying in vain, Lying the same, smoking in chains.”

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New Indie Artist: 


1.   What’s your favorite lyric from your song? Tell me about yourself?

Darrell Herbert: My favorite lyric from one of my songs is “I’m dying in vain, lying the same, smoking in chains.” I’m a poet-songwriter, musician, humanitarian, author, and Artivist. I’m a Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recipient. I earned a national silver medal in the 2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, which was presented to me by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. I’m a gold key recipient of poetry, which was presented to me by Casita Maria Center for the Arts & Education. I won the 5 American Visions and 5 American Voices Award. I have been featured on the 2016 October Issue of The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine. I have been featured on the 2016 November issue of Not Only Street Magazine. I won NY Literary Magazine’s TEARS Poetry Contest. I was one of the winners in Adam Cohen’s second North Street Book Prize competition. I won NY Literary Magazine’s FLAMES Poetry Contest. I’m a recipient of the 2016 and 2017 Scythe Prize. I’m a recipient of NY Literary Magazine’s 5 Star Writer Award. I was named a winner in The OliverTree Review’s Fall 2017 Writing and Art Contest. He has won NY Literary Magazine’s Best Story Award. I won Bitter Oleander Press’ Library of Poetry Award for 2018. My fiction and non-fiction has appeared in the Utica College Ampersand. My poetry has been featured in the likes of “The Best Teen Writing of 2014,” by Hannah Jones, HangTime Magazine, UC English Corner, The Lemonade Stand Magazine, Writers-Black Artists Connected Blog, Yellow Chair Review, A Shared Format 4 Poets, Media Blast Press, Section 8 Magazine, Works in Progress, Olyblog.net, Blacktopia: Black Utopia Society Blog, The Women of P.O.W.E.R. Blog, Madness Muse Magazine, Beat Yard Magazine, thisis50.com, Supastars Online Magazine, Downsouthhiphop.com, New York Rising Blog, Cocktailmolly, All Black Entertainment Magazine, Southeast Hip-Hop, Children’s Screams are Whispers, Wild Sound Festival Review, Dwartonline, Zoomoozophone Review, Whispers in the Wind, Free Lit Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Naga, Scarlet Leaf Review, Excavation, PPP Ezine, The Basil O’ Flaherty, Dissident Voice, Rejected Lit, Black Vibes, CW Music, Eatingndastreets.com, NOTLA Digital, Anti-Heroin Chic, Hip-Hop for Better Health, Escapism Literary Magazine, Platinum Sound Promotions, Nerd Star Hip Hop, Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, The Microwave Blog, Brand New Hip Hop Blog, NY Literary Magazine, Mojave River Review, TreeHouse Arts, Poetic Treasures Magazine, The Olivetree Review, Hidden Constellation, Creative Talents Unleashed, Madness Muse Press, Poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles, and Beautiful Minds Unite (BMU).

2.   Rep your City, So tell me where you from?

Darrell Herbert: I’m was born in Washington State on a military base. I was raised in Brooklyn since the age of one.

3.   How did you come up with your artist name and explain the meaning behind it?

Darrell Herbert: I decided to keep my full name as my artist name. I don’t want to hide behind a name that isn’t my own.

4.   How would you describe yourself in one word?

Darrell Herbert: Icon.

5.   What made you become an Artist? What life-changing experience impact you?

Darrell Herbert: I became an artist at the early age of five. One of the most living changing experiences that impacted me becoming an artist was dealing being isolated from people, the world in general.

6.   How would you portray your music, like what’s your message?

Darrell Herbert: I would portray my music as dark for the most part. There’s a little bit of humor in there. There’s a little bit of love. There’s a little bit of everything in there. My message would have to be digging in the deepest parts of darkness to escape whatever you are going through, or think you are going through.

7.   Growing up, Who were your biggest Influences?

Darrell Herbert: Growing up, my biggest influences would have to be Sylvia Plath, Kurt Cobain, Amy Whinehouse, just to name a few.

8.   Are you working on any new project?

Darrell Herbert: Yes. I’m working on a tape.

9.   What’s your creative process like?

Darrell Herbert: My creative process is done during the night time. I like the silence.

10. What’s one message you would give your fanbase?

Darrell Herbert: One message I would like to give to my fanbase is to never let anyone or anything stop you from achieving what you want in life.

You can Learn more about Darrell Herbert and follow him on his social media handle  @tales_life Photo Credit: Darrell Herbert  

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