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05/15/2019by RenMwen0
Donate to the RenMwen Charity

Donations to RenMwen Charity

       As humanitarians, Let’s help our hurricane victims with books, Meals, blankets, Toys, and love. I created this platform to civilians who lost everything. I was always passionate about helping others and finding ways to help the world hands on. As a team, we can help change the world with just a $5 a day. RenMwen Charity would assist with providing food, Batteries for power, Water bottles, Deodorant, Soap, First aid kit bag that, snacks, and books for children because education is key. I want to help raise awareness, Lets help rebuild the place we once called home and my hearts are with the family of every victim. I’m sending my hearts and prayers to those who were affected by this disastrous hurricane. I always wanted to give back because I know out there, there’s a family who has no access to food or clean water due to the storm. I created the Renmwen charity to support Hurricane Victims from across the world. Part of the proceeds will go to helping victims with everyday essentials supply bags. Thank you for your support I appreciate it !


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