Getting ready for your R O A D T E ST !

1. First you have to go and get your permit. The prices of the Permit varies. I purchase a new ID to update my picture.

2. You go to the DMV and take a online exam, you schedule a time & day. Its a long wait

3. Then you have to do a Pre-licensing course for about 5- hours.

4.Then you practice driving.

5. Then you take your road test. Its all about technique.

6. The day of the road test I was feeling anxiety.

7. There’s a long wait, make sure to wear comfortable clothing & feel at ease.

8. Then its your turn, the instructor will mark off your overall performance. You will receive a paper stating if you either Passed or Fail.

To avoid having to take extra lessons and getting a car rental. We created a Driving Manual review sheet for more of a insight of how the exam will be. Furthermore, there is a fee.

For further inquiries  of the Driving Manual review sheet you can reach us at

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