Which Live Stream is Better?

Tidal Tidal so far is my top choice, as a member you get perks. It’s a live stream I use tidal everyday now, it replays all my favorite music. You can watch artist music recent videos. It’s age appropriate, it blurs out all profanity. There’s a fee for a subscription.

Pro:  You can sign up for a free trial for a month then there’s two different monthly fee ranging $9.99 for premium plan  and $19.99 fee. It works offline while your commuting on the train.

Con: The login screen appears and stay frozen and I have to constantly exit out the app to reload it again.

Pandora When I first wanted to stop downloading music, I turned over to Pandora Radio. This was the very first app I downloaded.

Pro: You can listen to multiple music and choose your own station of your choice.

Con: There’s a 30 second advertisement.

YouTube I started out as a You tuber and I’m going to create How-to-Tutorials.

Pro: It’s great for Video sharing and tutorials

Con: There are way to many channels to subscribe to and keep up with.

SoundCloud  You can listen to all your favorite throwback music to the new music.

Pro: You can play Indie artist music from across the world and there’s no advertisement how cool is that.

Con: There’s a 30 second advertisement.

Spotify I just recently downloaded Spotify everyone kept suggesting me to try it out. Spotify shuffle all the music. When I first used it I was confused, I was trying to play a song and there was a pop up indicating that I couldn’t change the song. You can personalize your playlist.

Pro: You can select your favorite music. 50% off Spotify Premium for Students. Just $4.99/month.On Monday’s they play two hours of new music.You can listen to podcast.

Con: There’s a 30 second advertisement.

Apple Music I need to try out Apple Music, But here are fun facts.

Pro: There’s unlimited music, You can try Apple music for free for three months. For students it’s $4.99, Individual $9.99 and they even have a family plan for $14.99

Con: There’s different perks for Student /Individual and the family plan

Let me know what you think in the comment section below !

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