M.A.C Snowball Event

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     Today I stop by the Mac store to pick up a new foundation. They have different palettes and makeup sets. I usually shop at Sephora since the new Fenty Beauty came out but everything was sold out. Today pickup was lipstick, foundation, Lip gloss and a Finishing spray. Everything was half off I tell you. I’m a number one coupon-er I couldn’t beat that deal at all. They had a snowball event, I kept getting so many emails. I accumulated a lot of points because I shop there a lot. I’m two tone believe it or not, I have to use two different foundation to match my complexion. I was so excited to find the right shade. I know this is a Mac post but if you go to Sephora they have a color IQ. Makeup takes a lot of patience, I’m still learning new techniques on how to create the perfect wing liner.

      This Snowball Event has everything I’m talking about New Lipsticks, Eye shadow, Face Powders, High Lighters and the list goes on. Check out each event. The one i’m looking to attend is M.A.C Technique, They will provide you with FREE lessons on how to do your makeup. I’m looking for a good blending brush after I contour my face. Blending can be tedious but the right brush can help you achieve that matte look.

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