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09/09/2017by RenMwen0
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A Queens native Parrish Mitchell a 24 graduate from St. John’s University, who is enthusiastic about Dreamville. He majored in Information Technology and grew a passion for Music.  I did a mini interview with Mr. Mitchell he briefly mentioned: What made you Like Dreamville? Humane, Music and Relatable. What drew your interest in Dreamville? It’s a combination of city of dreams and the Fayteville proving anything is possible. When did you get your first autograph? He attends all their Shows and events and was able to make it to every event and wanted to share with us his experience. Here’s an Insight on his experience with Dreamville: “A fan first, but now these collective acts are genuine homies. I support from merch, tours, and obviously music and has grown into a bond with everyone. I expect nothing while they give me everything. As a tech guy coming up from the same grounds in Queens, NY as the origin that Dreamville was started; it was easy to feel a connection with them as the brand expanded their acts from D.C., LA, CHI, and ATL then just formerly NYC and NC. Everybody knows who J.Cole is in some form or fashion. Yet once you dive into the brainchild of what is Dreamville that he and his partner Ibrahim created you see why in cole absence it stays afloat with a loyal if not cult-like fanbase. You can start with Bas * QWR2, Last Winter, Too High To Riot* or Cozz * Dreamville: An Organic Collective (Photo Cred: Devin Moore) I am a Nothing Personal, Cozz N Effect* or Omen *Delayed, Afraid of Heights, Elephant Eyes* or Ari *Ariography, Five Finger Discount* or Lute *West 1996 Pt 1 & 2* and Spillage Village which Contains the deepest catalog outside of Cole who has Earthgang and J.I.D.* All these acts come from humble beginnings teach themselves while growing up not only life lessons but at the same time teach themselves what their craft is and soon become able to thrive and accomplish things unimaginable when it was thought to be impossible. That is Dreamville Records” Photo Credit: Devin Monroe

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